Saturday, November 23, 2013


Dreams are a lifeline of every individual. They can be a driving force to achieve one's goal in life. But are dreams always fulfilled. Many a times we come across certain successful personalities in our life who have reached their accomplishment not just by following their dreams, but by a chance which changed the course of their life. Dreams do come true, but as the famous saying goes,"truth is stranger than fiction"; that cherished dream does not provide us the satisfaction which maybe something else could have done. A life of a dedicated student revolves around his striving to reach his goal. But its not necessary that life too moves as per your convinience, it hsa it own flow. So what would be the right way tolead your life- flow along the course of life or chase your dream till it is achieved...Both are right, as if one of them fails the other would bring the deserved and desired results,which ultimately would lead to happiness and satisfaction.  

Ms. Kriti

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