Thursday, September 5, 2013


WOW…. We are in second decade of 21st century and we have to change our way of thinking as per time. We are in the age of Entrepreneurs who plays a very important role in the development of an economy. Gone are the days when society had a trend that Engineer’s son/daughter will become engineer and Doctor’s son/daughter will become doctor. Today’s youth is thinking much beyond the typical societal trends. They want to do something new, achieve new heights and lead the world. They don’t want to work for others. In fact they want people to work for them. They have different dreams in their eyes as now they understand their own qualities and capabilities. They wish to be on the top of the organization and prove their talent.
To all such people, I would say move on, u have that X-Factor in you. Don’t dare to look back because you know what you have done yesterday. Just don’t repeat the work which was not satisfactory for you in the past. Always look ahead and use your potential. Do something creative and innovative, accept challenges, be disciplined and have enough confidence in yourself. Become successful ENTREPRENEURS and mark your presence on the world map of business.
Always remember the following two quotes.
1. To attain success in life “Don’t stop, no need to run, just keep walking”.
2. “Success comes after experience and experience comes after bad experiences”.

Shishupal Singh

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